The primary activity of the Maritime Agency is the assistance to the ships that dock in our operative harbors.Ferest Shipping organizes the in/out procedures according to a variety of local, national and international directives; relations with harbor operators, terminal operators and harbor Companies are also taken care of.

 Ferest Shipping also carries out all the necessary bureaucratic paper work and the different practices according to the type of vessel and to the carried goods; full assistance to the entire ship crew is also part of our priorities.
All the Maritime Agency activities are carried out at the best of professionalism and promptness in order to reduce to the minimum the ship's turn around times, bringing advantages to all the business involved such as forwarding agencies, ship hiring companies, goods receivers and finally to the shipowner. 

 This brought to Ferest Shipping the required reliability to be able to operate on behalf of the primary national and international companies in the most different business sectors such as industrial power-plant, rolling stocks, bulk loads, steel industry, chemicals and more.


Ferest Shipping bases its operations in Porto Nogaro, Monfalcone, Trieste harbors, with a net of secondary offices.

The actual operational organization guaranties complete and dedicated customs services in all harbors of the Italian peninsula. 

With its organizational structure Ferest Shipping covers all the terminal cycle of the transport, with standard containers ships or conventional ships, taking care of the off-loading/loading procedures, customs services, port deposit and following goods distribution via sea, truck or rail transpor. 

Ferest Shipping has been set up by a professional team who always worked in the maritime sector, keeping up date with the market evolution and gaining that particular expertise which led the Company to be able to offer to its customers a complete, skilled and qualified service, ensuring professionalism and reliability. 

 Ferest Shipping can manage efficiently various type of goods, as pallets, bulk loads, exceptional and special goods with the constant commitment of offering the best services in the shortest time and with controlled prices. 

Ferest Shipping, as part of Ferest Logistics group, offers an efficient service on road and rail transport for conventional goods, bulk or exceptional goods.
Transports extend on all the National and European areas with a special attention to East Europe and the Balkans.


As Shipping Agency and Custom Agency, Ferest Shipping has developed a solid custom practices experience and gained, from the Italian Custom Agency -Agenzia delle Dogane-, the permission for the electronic processing of the import, export and transit procedures.

The mentioned permission makes possible real time custom clearances, in accordance with what prescribed by customs and taxation laws. Ferest Shipping organization network guaranties complete and dedicated custom services in all Italian peninsula harbors.

Moreover offers the possibility to store goods in the harbors designated areas or in the Interport facility of Cervignano (Udine, Italy), where a fiscal depot service is available as well as a direct rail link.